Hatch Rest 2nd Gen Sound Machine & Nightlight



Hatch Rest 2nd Gen All-in-one Sleep Assistant, Nightlight & Sound Machine

Rest 2nd Gen is the do-it-all sleep device that you can control from your phone. Combining night light, sound machine, Time-to-Rise, and more, Rest 2nd Gen is fully customizable, programmable, and controlled from anywhere in your home. Perfect for babies, toddlers, and big kids!

  • Sound Machine: Keep your little one dreaming through the night with continuous sounds that help drown out any unwanted background noise

  • Night light: Let your child choose their favorite color to drift off to and make bedtime a little more magical
  • Time-to-Rise: Let your early riser know it's time to get out of bed with light and sound combinations
  • Intuitive Design: Dimmable LED clock and quick-access buttons for night light and volume control make Rest easy to use
  • WiFi Controlled: Adjust the volume of your Rest to keep them snoozing through the sounds of everyday life happening outside their door
  • Hatch+: Access to a premium library of expert-curated sleep stories, modern lullabies, mini mindfulness moments and more (Free Hatch+ trial included)