Boppy Disposable Shopping Cart Cover 5 Pack



Simply put on, then toss out! Boppy Disposable Shopping Cart Covers give 360° coverage for peace of mind whenever you are out with baby. The easy-on design fits shopping carts, high chairs and playground baby swings.


The unique leg tabs guard the sensitive skin behind baby’s knee. Shield baby’s skin from dirty shopping carts, restaurant high chairs and playground swings.

With 5 per pack, you can keep them in your car or diaper bag so you will always be prepared during unexpected errands or outings with an ecofriendly barrier between baby and dirty surfaces.

Simply unroll and drape over a cart, high chair or playground swing. The elastic corners and leg tabs make installation a breeze. After it is on, pull the safety restraint from the cart or chair through the belt slots and buckle in baby.

The one-use, disposable design makes packing up easy. Simply remove, throw away and get that dirt out of your day!

One-time use, 5 per pack.

Recommended age: 6 - 48 months