Steam Train Dream Train Sound Book



The New York Times bestselling team behind Steam Train, Dream Train returns with the sights and the sounds of a train headed off to dreamland!

Interactive fun that ties sleepy illustrations and delightful silly sounds together to tell a magical tale:
 The dream train pulls into the station, and one by one the train cars are loaded. Polar bears pack the reefer car with ice cream, elephants fill the tanker cars with paints, tortoises stock the auto rack with race cars, and kangaroos stuff the hopper car with balls (while zebras referee) before settling in for a good night's sleep.

• Lightly abridged and revised from the original text, this playful board book includes a sound bar with 5 sounds—whistlechuggahissgiggleyawn—that bring interactive fun to the setting of a hit picture book
• Features dreamy illustrations of animals of all shapes and sizes with gentle rhyming text to soothe and relax
• Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Litchenheld have worked together to create multiple #1 New York TimesBestsellers that have thoughtfully written storylines paired with compelling illustrations

Fans of Goodnight, Goodnight Construction SiteI Wish You More, and Goodnight Rainbow Cats will also enjoy this sweet bedtime story written for quiet, sleepy moments."Skillfully combines both the factual and imaginative guises of trains in a playful picture book." —The Wall Street Journal

• Great family read-aloud book
• Books for kids ages 4-8
• Children's book for preschool to kindergarten