Lilgadgets Connect+ Wired Kids Headphones



  • Introducing the SharePort® Connect multiple headphones to one device, no splitters needed. It's the buddy system, reinvented.

  • Volume Limited Volume limits are clearly necessary for children’s headphones, but why does it have to be industry standard that kids can’t hear over the din of the road? Or the roar of the airplane engines? Or the hiss of the crowd? Or even the vacuum cleaner?
  • Passive Noise Reduction The padded, fixed-earcup design of our headphones creates passive noise reduction, bringing outside noise levels down by 13db. That's among the best in the industry, and means even in loud situations, kids won’t have to max out the volume — extending battery life and creating even safer listening.
  • Kid Safe Lilgadgets headphones are constructed like no others. We manufacture our products from, not only a hearing safety standpoint, but from a child safety standpoint as well.
    Small parts? Cuts? Choking? Strangulation? We've rigorously covered every detail from the fold to the audio jack, from grip-of-fit to cord durability. We’ve thought deeply about keeping kids safe, and worked hard to ensure LilGadgets surpasses the toughest consumer protection requirements in the most stringent children's product class: toys.
  • Form and Function Design done well is poetry. We’ve poured sentiment and love into our products, a bit of elbow grease, and everything we've learned as parents. In the process we've come up with some simple, beautiful innovations that really set our design apart from the rest. We love these headphones, and we think you will too.