Tessera Baby Fabric Memory Books



  • Book cloth
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Capture all of life's special moments: Tessera baby books make it easy to record all of life's special moments, big or small. Starting with pregnancy details and going through baby's first three years, it has never been easier to create an archival quality keepsake
  • Easy to follow prompts: each book includes 42 pages (36 prompted and 6 blank) with plenty of room for text, pictures, documents, and small treasures
  • Some of the prompted pages included: Pregnancy Memories, Facts About Parents, Planning and Showers, The Day of Birth, Homecoming, Baby’s Firsts, and First through Third Year Activities
  • Completely customizable: screw post bindings make it easy to seamlessly add and remove pages. All pages are printed on one side so no details are lost when removing a page
  • Inclusive to all families: whether you define yourself as a traditional family or not this book embraces all situations and provides a way to build a customized keepsake. With our collection of Additional Insert Page Packs no details are left out, from single parents, LGBTQ families, adoption, surrogacy, Christian or Jewish holidays and everything in between, we have the pages to make your book one of a kind!