YOTTOY Eloise Boxed



Eloise is a fun-loving six-year-old girl with a knack for finding adventure every place she looks. While under the care of her "rawther" wonderful nanny Eloise tries to play matchmaker to a lonely prince and wrangle an invitation to the society event of the season.

Includes: Eloise Doll, 1 hair ribbon, 1 outfit with bloomers, 1 Skipperdee, 1 purse, 2 socks and shoes
Inspired by the classic Eloise books, your child will enjoy this wonderful doll with her distinct mop of hair with pink satin bow and her black mary jane shoes
Skipperdee, her pet turtle who also has a pink bow, satin lease and purse is ready to go on any adventure
Eloise rawther perfectly matches her cheeky personality with a cute expression on the dolls face
Get ready for an absolutely splendid day of pretending